The Central Iowa Organ Scholarship (CIAOS) Fund is established to foster musicians of all ages interested in beginning organ study in Central Iowa. Each application will be reviewed individually by the Central Iowa AGO Executive Committee.

2020 Scholarship Flyer.pdf

Commonly Asked Questions:

CIAGO Organ Scholarships

Q1) Do I need to continue taking piano lessons if accepted for scholarship?

Continued piano studies and theory lessons are necessary for advancement on the organ. Your organ instructor will evaluate and help determine this as organ lessons progress.

Q2) What will scholarship funds pay for?

  • Students are granted awards for ten (60 minute) lessons with an approved organ instructor. Lesson arrangements are made between the student and instructor.

  • Students receive a document from their instructor specifying attendance, practice and participatory requirements to maintain eligibility for their scholarship.

  • Failure of student to maintain attendance, practice and participatory standards will result in lessons to cease or ineligibility for future funds.

Q3) What are my student responsibilities?

Maintain regular attendance at scheduled lessons, to practice regularly as determined by instructor so that progress is evident at each lesson, and to take part in performance opportunities.

Q4) Where do I practice & how much time weekly am I expected to commit to this?

Your instructor will help locate a practice organ if students do not have an instrument identified. The scheduling of practice times will be arranged between the student and the facility. The expected number of weekly practice times will be determined by the organ instructor. Lessons, practice times, and expectations are addressed in advance between instructor and student, as part of eligibility for scholarship funds.